Saturday, April 09, 2011

Lasalle Prussian first outing..........................

Played Lasalle game last night versus mate Stephen.
Great game as Lasalle is easy to pick up and highly playable.
He selected a Guard Division as core and this meant every single unit was Valiant making them tough hombres indeed. I managed to be attacker. On turn 2 he rolled for arrival of his Reserve Cavalry needing to roll under 3 (had +1 bonus for Cmdr) and rolled double 1s (first time I have heard him cheer such rolling !!). This forced my Reserve infantry to adopt square and the tough Guard Cavalry had a merry old time breaking 2 squares an artillery unit and riding down my Fusileers (caught in line). My own reserve arrived on my right and on first charge broke a French square (my 6 dice rolled 2 hits his 8 dice only one so double therefore decisive win) however bounced off next two deployed squares. I was hoping for quick game end as a non decisive win counts as loss for Guard force but no game was extended by three turns and I failed my 2nd Army Morale Check losing the game. Lots of quality cavalry made for a torrid time for Infantry and we did feel that 3 broken squares (2 of which were undamaged prior to melee) seemed a tad odd. I was actually surprised by the lack of musketry in the game. But great fun with a very playable and decisive set of rules that we managed a full 19 turns with (only my 2nd ever game) and a clear result not something a lot of Napoleonic rules I have witnessed achieving. The French Guard selection in the Army Builder lists is a tough opponent as the +2 dice for better Esprit often occurs. The fairly average Prussians need a good deal of luck against such quality. Looking forward to next outing for my new minions..........................................

Prussian Reserve Infantry on left flank

The Prussian center

Landwehr on right

French Artillery line the hills

Young Guard Infantry on reverse slope (bit of learning from Mr Wellington ?)

French center

Turn 2 (!!!) and the Guard Reserve Cavalry arrives

Prussian Reserve Cuirassier arrive several turns later

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