Thursday, April 21, 2011

Prussians with Die Fighting

Played first game with Die Fighting rules (by Bob Jones of Piquet fame) using my new Prussians against Stephen's French. A very interesting and fun set of rules with lots of nice features and subtle rules. Game was played at essentially the same level as our Lasalle or Field Of Battle games (ie sort of grand tactical). I fielded 15 units, totaling an initial 176 dice against French 13 units with 180 dice but after rating units and commanders I ended with 158 dice versus Stephen's 175. As it was a 'learn the rules' game we hadn't put much (ie any) thought into a scenario and simply threw out some terrain and set up opposite each other and went at it. Main lesson is that DF is big on resource management (ie your dice pool which is used for all actions/reactions casualties, morale etc)  and a 'advance with all units everywhere' approach is very costly in resources. Once shooting starts the drainage of resources greatly increases as both firer and 'defender' roll opposing dice. Nice feature of game is that its not purely base resource dice that are used (a max of 2 on any 'action') as these are supplemented by Free Dice (awarded for different tactical situations/options) and Leadership dice which are allocated to commanders ranging from 1 - 5 (these dice are able to be allocated to actions but only replenished on appropriate phase). The phasing or turn sequence is another innovative system with lots of different options available. We used a variable system (and utilized the 6 phase cards that come with game) but with my CiC being Inept (oh yes indeed) I had to randomly select my cards whereas the French CiC being Fabian (a type not a surname !) was able to select his which was at times a distinct advantage especially when reloading or replenishing command dice was key. All in all we were both very impressed with the rules and are both keen to give them another outing maybe with our SYW toys next time which using a different period template should play somewhat differently as its the Linear warfare period.

Prussian Landwehr with average Cmdr (3 Leader dice) and the Inept Cic (1 dice !) he also slowed all advances to maximum of 1 resource dice and with only 1 dice versus the 5 of Fabian opponent always surrendered initiative each phase, I would have been better shooting him !!

Landwehr and Cavalry skirt a town (terrain is very slow to traverse by formed troops in DF)

Prussian left with massed Cuirassier and Line Infantry facing occupied hill (just for a change !)

French left flank basking in sunlight (Napoleonic period specific 'template' visible on left and rulebook on right)

French center with average Cmdr (3 dice) and Fabian Cic (5 dice) deploy
Cuirassier disordered by French artillery (higgly piggly formation) as Horse Artillery advances

Prussian deployment

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