Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Years War Russians on parade

Having watched lots of soldiers on parade at Royal Wedding thought my Seven Years War Russians should do same especially as I am in midst of prettying up bases, from basic plain green flock, in preparation for a game this coming Bank Holiday Monday.
Going to try Die Fighting rules again in conflict with Stephens Frederickian ubermensch....................

The whole bunch (well couple of Cossack units missing)
14 Line Infantry Battalions, 2 Observation Corps, 4 Grenadiers, 6 Gun Batteries, 3 Hussar Regiments, 4 Cuirassier, 2 Horse Grenadiers, 1 Dragoon and a bunch of Command figures.
Mostly Old Glory with couple units of Essex and Minifigs.

Guns, Grenadiers, Cuirassier and Hussars (note the mounted and gun bases are finished the foot not)

Line Infantry in summer and standard garb and Horse Grenadiers

Horse Grenadiers


Hussars and Cuirassier

Commanders and Grenadiers

Observation Corps and Dragoons to the fore

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