Saturday, June 02, 2012

Field Of Glory Renaissance game

Played a FOGRen game today using my Imperialists against Stephen's Ottoman Turks.
Great game that turned into a bit of a bloodbath with both of us failing Death Rolls left right and centre. Turkish cannon gave a unit of Cuirassier and one Tercio a real pasting.
I flank marched with two units of Reiters but they took rather too long to appear.
My Great General (Pappenheim) lead a single unit of Cuirassier on my left fending of shooting and charges by three units of Turk Cavalry and Spahis light horse.
However a charge by a Tercio and my Tratischer unit failed to break a unit of Jannisaries (awesome shooting) and Turk foot and when this Tercio broke the game was lost.
Great stuff with a complex but playable set of rules.

I still find it strange how much like FOGRen compared to the Ancients version which I try to like but find largely blah..................

Imperial starting posistions

Turks finishing their deployment

Turk foot

Turkish artillery redoubt

Imperial left

Imperial left

Early Tercios advance
Turkish centre

Turkish right

Pappenheim hemmed in !

Failed Tercio charge 

Tercio routs past cannon line

Belated arrival of Reiters on Turkish left

Pappenheim and Cuirassier up close and personal

Hard to believe they fought their way out of this unscathed

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