Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WW2 Barbarossa To Berlin game played 2 player

Played the excellent Barbarossa To Berlin game with my Dad and we managed a full 7 turns even though his first try and only my second.
Really good game with Barbarossa being pretty much blunted, as my Dads dice rolls not great, although Leningrad did fall in early 1942.
In my Dads words 'N.Africa is just a drain on German actions and resources' as I used the British and commonwealth forces here quite aggressively (mainly due to having Mandatory Attacks forced on me though) giving Rommel and Pz Armee Afrika a bit of a bloody nose.
I launched Op Sledgehammer in 1942 opting to land at Calais on French coast but this beach head was soon crushed by arriving German Panzer reserves (But this did divert them from Eastern Front).
When we ended we had just one turn with the Total War cards added to deck but I was about to launch Op Avalanche in Med theatre whilst Germans and Soviets were both cranking out new Panzer/Mech armies ready for showdown in the East.
I really like this game as it does feel likeone is playing with a historical time-line (some players de-cry the amount of 'scripting' that occurs) without being uninteresting or lacking in options.
Great for what it is a strategic card driven game of European Theatre 1941-45.
Am tempted to buy the deluxe/mounted map board and possibly the updated cards as I see us playing this one some more.

Initial turn (note my Dad wearing garment that matched his 'checkered' career in Russia)

Initial Barbarossa assaults 

North Africa as Pz Armee arrives (having replaced Afrika Korps)

Ill-fated OP Sledgehammer landing at Calais

Pushed into the sea by Panzers

Russian Mechanized Fronts bust through Army Group South as their Comrades try to contain Army Group North at Leningrad

Pz Armee re-appears in Triploi having been destroyed earlier outside Tobruk

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