Monday, June 04, 2012

WW2 Barbarossa To Berlin some playtime

Managed a few turns solo with this game this afternoon (as off for Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee). Interesting game with lots of possible actions each turn for each side (1 Action phase each in turn 1 6 per turn thereafter) depending on card types in hand (although you can get one operation free ie without use of card for OPs value).
As expected events first turns are mainly in Russia as German OP Barbarossa gets into full swing.
I did later have some fun in N.Africa as a card allowed use of PzArmeeAfrika but it is really a sideshow (as it should be).
Leningrad fell and area around Smolensk fairly wide open as Soviets lost loads of SCUs (Small Combat Units ie Armies) but strong further South around Kiev and Odessa and indeed around Moscow as they put all reinforcement efforts into their LCUs (Large Combat Units ie Fronts).
As 1941 ended the Winter 42 slowed Germans further (this was when Rommel got active) and FDR Declared War meaning US will enter the theatre mid-1942.
Combat, Movement and use of cards for Operations, Strategic Moves and Replacements are all fairly straightforward.
The main complexity comes with remembering several special rules or exemptions (although there are chits/charts to help).
Several cards are contingent on other having already been played and hard on first play through to know if best to hold these cards to allow such an events sequence or whether to use them as Action type cards. Enjoyable solo but unsurprisingly I think it would be really good 2-player (I have a chap from Consimworld hopefully lined up for a Vassal game in near future).

The Nazi incursion into Russia

The sideshow that is North African theatre

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