Sunday, July 29, 2012

DBMM Polybian Roman vs Selecuid

A miniatures game today huzzah !! Stephen brought his Selecuids (mainly as he has several newly painted figures in particular some KnF Wedges) and I fielded my Romans for a historical type match-up (always my favourite). A really good game ensued even though I got absolutely no terrain on my half of table whilst invading Selecuid lands !!
Successors deployed first and I tried to make things awkward by deploying at an angle but being regular he was able to wheel easily. First sign of trouble for Latins came as their Spainish Allies on their right flank went unreliable (bloody Greek gold no doubt). However this meant Stephen could not approach them too closely or they would 'activate' so they were a sort of human terrain piece. It took several turns to get them into fray. Phalanx advanced in center which I held up with Velites before a straight clash between the Pikes and my Legionaries. Successors had a block of Cataphracts on my left which I faced with my lowly Roman and Italian Cavalry (did mean I got to initiate charge). The Wedges were on my right facing the Spainish (mostly auxilia) and a group of Legionaries I managed to redeploy. Initial clash saw my Legions bloody Greek nose with loss of couple of Pike and Auxilia. But following turn I lost a couple of Blade and Auxilia elements. Key loss was a blade in middle of a line leaving gap for pike to exploit as second rank reserves were off facing the wedges. My cavalry charged the Cataphracts but my General failed to kill opposing element despite my managing an overlap ! A couple of turns of indecisive combats were suddenly followed by a complete collapse on Roman side as my Legions were disheartened then broken and whole army folded. Still a great game that could have gone either way. The Selecuids are a nice balance of tough foot, Auxilia types and good punch with the Cataphtracts and the Wedges (who never count overlaps against any by light horse). Romans as ever outclassed in mounted arm but Legions are fun to use.

Selecuid deployment

Romans on featureless plain !

Successors wheel

Romans advance to meet the Phalanx


Romans deploy to their right to face the wedges

Clash of arms !!

The end as Roman lines are punctured and shattered

Another game planned for next Saturday and my choice of game but oh what to play !!??
Maurice SYW ? IABSM WW2 ? Spearhead WW2 ? Lasalle/FOGN ? FOGR ? or ??????
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