Saturday, November 10, 2012

Field of Glory Napoleonic game

Played a game of FOGN today at mine against Stephen using my Prussians against his French both circa 1814.
We used the points system and terrain generation from book and found  it worked quite well.
I was defender with my Corps (2 Mixed Divisions 1 Infantry Division and a Cuirassier Division) against a French Corps of 3 Infantry Divisions and a Light Cavalry Division (which out-flanked on it own left flank).
A good game ensued.
I threw my Cuirassier at some French Young Guard Infantry in square to see how rules handled this.
Cavalry essentially bounced and lesson is that compared to Lasalle there is much less chance of destroying a steady square, which we both felt was reasonable outcome. Square would need to be softened up by Artillery or Musketry which again seemed plausible.
Movement and Shooting a fairly easy to pick up as is the Cohesion (Morale) system with only the Assaults (Charges) and Combat (Melee) being a bit more involved.
We do however find FOGN to be a very hard to read and digest set with  many exceptions and clauses in rules and literally all over the show.
Much easier to actually play.
Whilst core system is ala FOG/FOGR a lot is different and we both had rules 'legacy' issues.
But all in all I was impressed with FOGN and do feel that set would gell quickly as more games played.

Nice to get Napoleonic figures on table.

French arrayed

Prussians deployed

Cuirassiers approach the Young Guard

Prussian Dragoons 

Prussians right go into square as French Cavalry approach

Couple of obligatory 'fancy' pics

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