Monday, November 19, 2012

Warfare 2012 (Four go mad at......)

Have returned safe and sound (of body if not of mind) and destitute from annual jaunt to Warfare. Accompanied again this year by the brothers Brittain and the very robust (in joke) Mr Pollock.
Usual overdose of traders, games and wargames waffling.
I bought very little lead this year (as last years still piled up) but still managed to spend every penny allotted and a wee (honestly darling) bit more.
Had to resist 'extreme' temptations of 10mm WW1 Germans, Plastic Soldier Coy 15mm Russians (I see this in my future) and 10mm ACW (those Kallistra figures calling to me again..............)
Did manage to acquire new Panzer boardgame despite this being a miniatures-fest and lots of terrain pieces and markers (I seemed to have more MDF than Ikea now !)
Same true of fellow travellers although 2 who will stay unnamed (ie John & Stephen P) wimped out and had funds left to but pressies for spouses at Duty Free (despite my advice that its simply the sign of a guilty conscience !!).
Added bonus this year I met up on the Saturday with Norman Johnston (an ex-pat Ulsterman) and Vassal enemy, nice to put a face to the name.
Of course looking forward to next year already although we are in discussion about Salute attendance as well/instead.

iPhone pics (in no particular order as too lazy to sort)

A Tiger II in huge Crossfire game set in Budapest 1945 using 1/48th scale kit

Budapest again

Square Bashing demo with 15mm Peter Pig figs

Random geeks shot

Hornets Nest at Shiloh ACW game

War & Conquest demo

Warlord game

Napoleonic game I think but cant recall details but very nice it was

Raphia with Lost Battles and Dr Sabin

Bloody Barons rules (?) no idea as to protaganists

Armati game (they seem to be there every year)

Bolt Action game with 28mm

Shiloh again

Crap shot of FOW competition included to show some nice MDF buildings of which I just had to purchase a couple

Battle of Loos in 6mm with PK Field Of Battle/Barrage hybrid

Budapest again with Hungarians facing Ivans
An IL2 dominating the scene

JSII approaches

Antietam in 10mm with thousands of Kallistra figs (drool) and their hex terrain system

Field of glory Napoleonics competition (this could tempt me)
I had pics of the FOG, FOGR (also tempting), DBMM  comps and more FOW but all too blurry to use. 

Bolt Action in action again

Following pics carry Government Health Warning and not suitable for under 18s or those of weak stomachs or nervous disposistions

John (wee one) Brittain pretending to be awake by sleeping with one eye open 
(snoring gave it away)

The robust Mr Pollock robustly drooling over his 6mm Time Cast buildings whilst bloody well and robustly blocking my view of Match Of The Day

A fine Time Cast ruined building in a ruined but robust hand 
(beverage in background for medicinal purposes only)

Robust my ass another chocolate soldier !!!!

Oh and the 'haul' (as always hard to believe the moneys worth on show !!)

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