Sunday, November 04, 2012

White Star Rising board wargame

Played Elsborn Ridge scenario from White Star Rising at my Dads.
Great game so easy to play and with so few rules easy to recall from memory.
Game ended in a draw with Germans taking one objective town (needed to take two of the three possible to win). Only being held up by judicious use of my two Artillery missions which caused a few key disruptions which my Dad failed to rally off holding his advance for two crucial turns with his potent SS formation (Panthers a Jagdpanther and a King Tiger !!). His weaker Volksgrenadiers made no headway on opposite flank (Germans constrained by a Divisional boundary) especially as I had placed (ie hidden) bulk of my Armour on that sector. Great fun


Germans pushing on both flanks (split by River/Divisional boundary)
SS energy expended

Volksgrenadiers advance

SS ready for push into town
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