Thursday, November 08, 2012

Wilderness War Vassal 1759 started (and more Arty)

Still playing Wilderness War by Pbem on Vassal with Norman  and just started the Early Season of 1759.
Due to holidays/trips/work and suchlike for us both we have been slow getting through turns but I still find this an intriguing game.
1758 saw fairly conservative actions from us both (I suspect we both had poor card draws ?).
French are however well established along Hudson River and whilst I am ashore in north on Quebec approaches my strength is not enough to push on as yet.
French tried more Indian raids in 1758 but none successful.
British built a fairly strong line of Forts and Stockades.
I am hoping 1759 will see a more concerted effort by my troops to mass against the French and their allies..................

Start of 1759

Also still messing around with the Instagram App (and some others) on my iPad, with some of my old miniatures photos, just something 'nice' about the images it generates and easy to use.
Totally pointless and time consuming but it brings out the artist in me (some might say piss-artist !)

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