Sunday, September 01, 2013

'Lardie' alternatives

'Lardie Rules' Day at Belfast Club on Saturday (with Richard Clarke in town to show off Chain Of Command rules) which I had planned to attend but sadly could not (damn work yet again). However I did manage to get out to Fathers with my son Steven for a couple of 'compensatory' games. We played a fun Zombie game called it with a nice tile laying system and plastic Zombies. Nice fun game especially multi-player. My son also got in a game of Combat Commander against my Dad and seemed to really enjoy it (winning the scenario helped). Also an EBay purchase arrived, Bitter Woods (Avalon Hill/MMP 2nd edition) that I got set up on table but not played any of yet.
Couple of Pbem Vassal game turn also played in Thirty Years War and Barbarossa To Berlin (kinda hooked on this one)

Combat Commander action

Zombie action

Bitter Woods

Thirty Years War

Barbarossa To Berlin

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