Saturday, September 28, 2013

Field Of Glory: Ancients - Early Mycanean vs Hittite

Played game of FOGA at mine against Stephen as we were both keen to try Chariot type armies.
I fielded my Minioan/Early Mycaneans and Stephen used his Hittites.
So lots of Chariots on the table.
I had 16 Heavy Chariots armed with Light Spear and Hittites had 25 with a mix of Light Bow armed and Heavy Light Spear armed types.
My Spearmen are classed as Defensive Spear with supporting bow rank (after this game I would dispense with the support rank and field seperate Light Infantry with Bow and all Spear units).
Another fun game with quite a bit of terrain and lots of manouvering by us both.
However just as in the FOGR game we played last Sunday my dice rolling was diabolical !!
I passed only 2 Cohesion Tests all game !!  So with multiple disruptions my chaps were up against it and of course then succumbed pretty quickly (combats seem much more decisive in version 2 of FOG with penalties in tests more severe).
Really good to get these 'Biblical' type armies out again and another entertaining game despite yet another loss.

Pics have somewhat green hue due to poor lighting ?

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