Thursday, January 23, 2014

DBMM - Maurikian Byzantine vs Western Hunnic

Played game of Dbmm with Stephen as practice for his going to Munster at weekend (which I sadly cannot make again this year due to working grrrrrrrr).
Stephen is using Huns (I wont reveal army OOB) and I used Maurikian Byzantine.
Turned out to be quite a bloody game this one as we both got to grips quickly.
My left flank was wiped out to a man but this allowed my other two commands to deal heavily with opposing Hun commands.
We did not get game finished and outcome was still in balance as Huns on edge of defeat with two commands about to break but my whole left wing gone and so lots of Hun light horse about to wheel onto my center.
Quite a lot of rules discussions as we tried to work out several awkward situations regarding Flees in a feigned flight, bursting through and such like.
But then that was part of point of playing a practice game.
Still good fun game overall.

Really wish I could have made trip south.....................

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