Saturday, January 04, 2014

Battlegroup Overlord game (pic heavy)

Another game on my 'Normandy' table this time against Stephen and using Battlegroup Overlord rules.
I had 650pts of Germans against Stephens Americans.
We used the generic Flanking Attack scenario (setting up in opposite table corners).
We really like these rules as a nice mix of slick systems with a good feel of WW2 combat although more game than simulation.
Some debate over the stats for US 76mm which a bit under rated compared to German 75L48 but otherwise all seemed fine and a lot less generic than Bolt Action (at cost of playing a bit slower).
The orders system is good and the Morale/Events chits are easy to use with lots of decision points.
Whilst we did not finish the game (too much waffling as ever) we did see Tank vs Tank action, both on board and off board Artillery, Infantry firefights and and a good old Close Assault so plenty of rules action.
I really like the choice between Aimed Fire (potential to hit and kill) versus Area Fire (Pinning/Suppressing only) Pinning is a biggie in system as a Pinned unit cannot take any order or perform any action and Rallying requires drawing a Morale Counter and rally of 1d6 units (one can pick more than one counter for extra D6).
Overall a good set of rules backed up by decent if somewhat contrived Army lists (what no Veteran Panzer options !!). 

Several pics from the game

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