Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Field Of Glory Ancients game Sassanid Persian vs Hunnic

Game of FOGA at Stephens' last night. Stephen wanted to try a shooty/light horse army ie the Huns so I brought a contemporary period Sassanid force.
Quite a different game to our last few with lots of units whizzing about all over the show as Light Horse are very maneuverable indeed.
Superior shooting by Hun horse archers can be potent with the re-rolling of ones.
The close order Cavalry with bow are a different beast as they can skirmish against other non-lights but are still fairly decent in combat with their swords and possibly armour.
I prefer the FOG 2 version of light horse archer type troops as they still bloody annoying but slightly less so and can now be caught and have reduced shooting range.
Amazingly my poor Levy foot got to charge 3 (!!) times chasing off pesky light horse a first for them.
Interesting match up this one although we did not finish the game.

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