Saturday, March 01, 2014

Koenig Krieg try out Russians vs Prussians

Had a game at Stephens with our Seven Years War armies and he picked Koenig Krieg rules.
We have had this updated set for about 2 years (bought as a PDF) but never used so interested to give them a whirl.
A lot to like in the set with some good scenarios set-ups some decent army lists and several good rule mechanics for Brigades, Movement. Shooting and Melee.
But rather poorly explained in several areas with lack of definition of Charges, Defensive Fire and Interpenetration (no mention of latter at all !).
We spent a lot/too much time trying to fathom how several things worked.
But by far my biggest gripe (which I recall from original edition) is how Prussian foot gets 2 Operations compared to Russian 1 which allows them to move and fire.
This means my Russians can sit and wait and watch the Prussians toil forward and can do nothing but endure an opening volley from the boys in blue.
With generally superior Army Initiative this is exacerbated by Prussians usually getting in a second volley before my lot get a chance to reply !
I understand that this is systems way/abstraction to highlight superior Prussians abilities (in fact their 2 actions due to Cadenced Step) but it makes for an awfully frustrating game for Ivans as they have no counter to this.
I can see why they get Steadfast (can re-roll failed Morale tests from shooting) trait but it pails in comparison.
If shooting was simultaneous or if Cadenced Step gave extra moves things would lie with me better but too much work to change rules in this regard.
So whilst there was a lot to enjoy this aspect just makes playing against Freddies lot with Ivans rather less than satisfying.
Austrians (who have Close Drill) would possibly work better.
And the less said about French being allowed Class 2 and 3 Commander (Russians can only have lowly 0 or 1) the better !
We have other sets to try but this one I fear will struggle to be tried again

Still the armies looked nice on the table

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