Saturday, March 15, 2014

More Seven Years War action with yet another rule set !!

Another SYW game today this time my Russians facing might of Prussia using King Of The Battlefield rules.
A very quick playing set indeed with minimum rules overhead and decisive outcomes.
No shooting as such in that you declare shots if in range which automatically inflict Morale Tests on targets.
Most targets are Routed after two Wavers (ie failed morale tests) with poor troops routing on a single Waver and Guard (of which we had none) after three wavers.
Charging and Melee very slick as well with chargers taking a Control Test (also taken to change formation or interpenetrate) then if they Charge the defender tests Morale and if he stands the Chargers then also checks Morale.
Infantry losing to Cavalry auto-rout but this is very hard to do. Cavalry melees can potentially go through several phases of reinforcement and tests.
Morale tests are a D8 counting plus vs D6 counting minus with a few modifiers any negative result causing a Waver.
We found successful Cavalry charges on Infantry hard to pull off but with big potential for devastation.
Conversely unsuccessful Cavalry charges leave the mounted chaps pretty vulnerable to Infantry shooting as they bounce off 2".
Turns play really quickly in this set which make for a fairly dynamic game.
We did use the optional Orders and Command traits rules but will next time as they seem easily implemented.
Couple of things we would house-rule are allowing Prussians Regulars to take Control Tests as if Elite types and to only allow non-Prussians to oblique at half-speed.
This would be purely to give a bit more national type flavour which the rules lack.
Also the rules allow Artillery to be man-handled which we felt was rather unhistorical and so we would only allow man-handling to change facing/arc once unlimbered any actual movement requiring limbered moves.
Another fun game with our SYW toys.
We still intend to try Warfare In Age Of Reason, Principles Of War and Piquet Cartouche.

And a great send off for BOD today in Paris !!

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