Friday, February 19, 2010

Malburian Game

10mm Malburian game today (solo) using  (amended) Minden Rose

 (with Cmd Pk to generate Scn/Terrain) also going to replay using FOB PK.
Minden Rose is quite easy to use but extremely bloody firing/combats.

Austrian Right Wing Foot Brigades

French Horse Brigade

French Right Wing Horse and Foot Brigades

French Left Wing Foot Brigades

Overview after initial moves


  1. Hi Sarge,

    What are the amendments that you use for Minden Rose? Can you place them on your blog so that we can have a look at them please?


    Tone - a PK fan

  2. Hi

    Sorry just saw this comment !

    I used Minden Rose pretty much as was.
    Minor changes:
    No oblique moves for foot
    No 1st volleys
    All shooting straight ahead only (except Artillery)
    My units are based as single stands so gave them MR dicing equivalents as
    Foot = 4stds
    Horse = 4 stds
    Hussar = 2 Stds
    Dragoons = 3 Stds
    Artillery = 1 std

    I had a couple of otional/test rules :
    Rank Firers -1DPS
    Platoon Firers as per rules
    Pistol Doctrine Horse +1 DPS vs Foot
    Gallopers +2 DPS vs Foot

    That was about it