Monday, June 06, 2011

FOG Ancients Game Mid Republican Romans vs Later Selecuid

Played another practice FOG Ancients game today at Stephens using two well matched armies, my Punic Romans versus Stephens Selecuids. Quite a lot of terrain although none of it very important. Selecuid Cataphracts are pretty mean but one did succumb to a combined combat with Roman Cavalry and Elephant unit on their flank. Phalanx and Legions squared off but a few lucky shots prior to impact from Selecuid side saw three (!!) Roman units disrupted in one turn with subsequent weakening in impact and melee phases. One Pike unit in difficulties but managed to pass several Cohesion Tests whilst its colleagues withstood Romans and then gained upper hand (mainly die to failed death rolls by Romans). A rout on one end of Roman line left a hole that only a lone two base Triarii unit could try to fill and things then went quickly south for blokes from Italy as several units routed. Must say a great game that flowed very smoothly with few rules queries and plenty of action. Stephen seem quite taken with FOG (in lieu of being jaded with Dbmm) and to be honest they are very playable and have feel of 7th edition WRG (which we used to enjoy) in so many ways. Bit dice-tastic but thats not necessarily a bad thing. If the new version that is being play-tested could curb skirmishers a bit and maybe add more restrictive Command and Control they would be hard to resist despite lack of weather/inertia/stratagems of Dbmm. Must give Hail Caesar a trial.

Selecuid center

Light Cavalry on Selecuid right

Pergamene Allies deploy on Roman right

Selecuid left wing

Roman left

Phalanx with lights to fore

Phalanx trundles forward

Light troops battle for a field

Cataphracts slam into Roman Cavalry

Roman Elephants threaten flank of Cataphracts whilst Legions and Phalanx square up

General engagement across the center about to commence 


  1. Great looking game so far.


  2. Nice photo's and a great looking game, how do the rules play when you want to use maniples?

  3. Nice eye candy, lovely stuff.

  4. Hi

    Nothing specific for maniples or similar as really set at a level above such tactical nuances. I do use my Romans in small 4 bases units so they have a slightly manipular 'feel' but its an illusion :-)

  5. Anonymous10:34 pm

    I have the rules and the early Rome Army Lists, just have not found a set of figures I really like-wondering if the old Hinchliffe ones might finally light my fire for Ancients. Good looking game!

    Matt "Look at me I can leave comments!" Technophobe.