Monday, July 28, 2014

Couple of games played....

Having just turned 50 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on 25th I managed to get in a couple of board wargames

First up was a scenario from White Star Rising

Scenario from the Cobra expansion had US forces attacking to capture a town from Germans.
This one went to the wire with Germans just managing to hold one of the four town objective hexes for a narrow win.
US failing to activate either of its two formations in penultimate turn was main factor.

Next up was a scenario from Combat Commander

Scenario pitted US Paratroops against the equivalent Fallschirmjager in Normandy.
Both sides pretty much mirror image of each other (each fielding 3 Leaders 9 Squads 3 half Squads and slightly different support weapons).
Fjr in Attack posture and US in Recon mode.
Burden of attack on Germans and they got caught in a couple of heavy firepower attacks losing several squads.
This despite the US losing an MMG and an HMG to breakdowns !

Best of the birthday cards I received

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