Sunday, June 21, 2015

Beneath The Lilly Banners game

As planned had a game using Beneath The Lilly Banners with the Duc at his using his Wars of the Grand Alliance kit.
Much smaller game than I had set up and more in keeping with size rules designed for methinks.
We rolled for sides and I got a fierce of Englísh units to face the Ducs Jacobite Irish.

As expected we had a few discussions about the rules with the Duc enjoying the period flavour but thinking they were not as slick as some other sets.
We had only one problem with rules with regard to exactly how and when some Morale Tests are taken  such as a unit tests if it loses a melee but also if reduced to 1/2 strength but only one test is taken per step so we did not know which had prescendence if any. 
This only mattered as the reduced strength test had more severe outcomes.
We could not find an answer but went with the more severe test as this seemed most reasonable.
Otherwise the rules went smoothly enough.

In BLB the horse Squadrons being only 6 figures strong a very brittle and the English lost several to their counterparts.
Highlight of game for me was a Squadron of bullet (as opposed to the more potent blade types) charging into an Elite unit of Jacobite foot who tried to form into Defence Against Horse with their pikes but failed. 
This left them disordered and then shaken with casualties by the English horse.
The horse then proceeded to beat them each round of melee until they routed even though the Squadron was wiped out in process.
We made a small mistake here in that the Elite foot should have auto routed after 3 rounds of melee losses which may have saw a small remanent of the victorious horse survive.

Next up for us will be Panzer a Grenadier Deluxe which the Duc has just purchased.

Jacobite Irish

English opponents 

The glorious charge

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