Monday, January 25, 2016

Combat Commander more action

Played four more scenarios with my Dad of this addictive game.

As usual I played Allies in each scenario.

First had my Russians against a Finnish force defending a forest trail in 1939 which the Ivans won rather handily forcing a Finnish surrender.
Next up was a British Commando Raid in 1940 which proved to be a disaster as Germans got multiple reinforcements including a pesky 81mm off board mortar which decimated my hapless Tommies.
Then it was off to Crete in 1941 with my chaps defending a ridgeline against advancing Fallschirmjager.
I got pretty lucky in this one taking out Dads key leader and holding onto key Victory Locations until Sudden Death clock ran out.
Last up was Russians vs Germans near Minsk in 1941 with another victory for the Reds who close assaulted their way to victory.
As ever great stuff with lots of drama and random events generating exciting games.

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