Saturday, February 20, 2016

General De Brigade game played: France vs Russia

Game at Stephens today as planned using General De Brigade rules.
I fielded a French (non-Guard) force against Russians circa 1813/14.
Stephen set up the terrain using the generation system in the rules and we diced for set-up side.
This fell nicely for Russians as it had two protected flanks with a village and a large field (both difficult terrain in GDB terms).
This allowed Russian to set up defensively and left only narrow access for my mounted arm.
Russians had three 3 model batteries one of which was heavy.
They fielded only 2 Cuirassier units but had a couple of Elite foot (Grenadiers).
French had 2 Infantry Brigades with 3 Veteran foot, 2 Line and 4 2nd Line each with a 2 gun battery.
I had two Cavalry Brigades one with a Dragoon and Cuirassier units and the other with 3 Light Cavalry units backed by a 2 gun Horse Battery.
We both had a couple of Brigade skirmishers Screens and a unit of Light Infantry each.

We had a really good game with these rules which have a lot of period flavour for this level of game (ie Divisional).
As I discovered in practice game there a lot of options with unit formations with Line, Columns, Refused Flanks, Open Order and several Skirmish options with separate Brigade Screens and Light units able to Deploy and Recall their own skirmishers.

All flows well with plausible outcomes to Shooting, Melee and Morale and straightforward movement options.

We had only a couple of queries (as a couple of things are not defined tightly enough for our understanding) but nothing we could not come to quick agreement on.
This mainly occurred with Orders and Charges limits and whether Deployed Artillery counted as a Close Order Target (we decided that in game terms they did).

Couple of minor errors we discovered during game were forgetting about Tactical Movement (really a March move) and only biggie as such was forgetting to test Brigade Morale when any unit in Brigade Dispersed/Routed.
Brigade Tests can be quite severe as essentially a 7+ (on 2D6) needed to continue otherwise Brigade Falters on a 6 and Break on a 1-5.
Of course I managed to roll a below average 5 for my first test !

We like the rules as a more tactical/involved option than say Field Of Battle or Shako but with correspondingly slower play time.
We used points system with 1250pt armies which seemed just right for 6' x 4' table.

Russian right anchored on field

Their center

Their left flank protected by village

French right wing

French center

Heavy cavalry hugs right flank

Left wing with Light Cavalry trying to outflank Russian right

Nasty Russian artillery (they caused have casualties on my approaching Infantry)

The heavy battery

Russians push forward in center late in game

Chasseurs engage a Square to try to break through (unsuccessfully)

French attack on right (I lost General here twice !!)

Cuirassier falter when trying to charge home behind the village

Casualties mounting as French come into cannister range

This Brigade broke due to poor Brigade Morale test after losing a single unit

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