Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another game this time 'Over The Hills'

Game against Stephen today at his abode to let him try the 'Over The Hills' rules (of which he purchased a set at Derby show).

We played a points based (300 each) 'pick up' style game with Stephen using Russians and I the French.

A very enjoyable game once Stephen got the basic concepts of the rules and quite fast flowing as well.

We both feel they are a good set for Divisional size battles with enough period fluff/chrome to satisfy without being overly complex being slightly less involved than General De Brigade.

We used all optional rules with exception of the Orders section.

Again only real gripe was finding relevant rules and keeping abreast of the Basic vis Optional rules although the latest version of QRS and my reminder sheet both helped.

Not best pics as poor light and phone camera.

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