Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Over The Hills another game thereof

Had game using Over The Hills rules today at chez Steiner using 15mm Prussians against Stephens French both circa 1813.
And another very enjoyable game with this very nice rule set it was too.
We used points system deciding to field 350 points of troops however in hindsight 300 points may have been enough as we were pretty much wall to wall.
Being only our second game with the rules we had to look up several of the Optional Rules a time or two but nothing too onerous.
Still our only real gripe with set is the layout ie difficulty finding some key rules.
However again we found we played through turns pretty quickly.
Of course Stephen the 'dice demon' managed a lot of low rolls (best in this set) on his D10 using his artillery, in contrast to his usual high rolls !!
Thankfully as most early shooting was at long ranges he only inflicted single hits but it was a steady drain.
We had several rounds of shooting and several close combats all of which played out easily and plausibly.
We really like these rules.

A mixed quality of pics due to changing winter light conditions.


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