Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pickett's Charge a multi-player bash

Yearly group wargame at Johns house with four (Stephen umpired) of us having a game using Pickett's Charge rules.

Scenario was adapted from a Regimental Fire and Fury version covering an action on the northern area of Gettysburg on Day 1.

Along with Richard I commanded Brigades from 11th (?) Union Corps whilst John and Stephen P commanded the Confederate forces (Darren unable to attend).

Scenario was a sort of meeting engagement.
Not all Brigades were on table at start with several arriving on set turns but amounting to some five Brigades each.
Both sides were mainly Veteran with a smattering of Regulars and Elites (Rebs had bulk of these).

Excellent game with both right flanks coming under extreme enemy pressure requiring shoring up by arriving Brigades.
Lots of casualties on both sides with one Union Brigade withdrawing completely off-table.
However once we ran out of time after (I think ?) 11 moves out of planned 16 we debated the outcome with both sides claiming a minor victory (so in other words a draw).

Great set of rules played in good company who can ask for more.
I bought a set of the rules despite having the PDF (I do not mind using PDFs to read the rules but prefer a physical set during actual play)

Planning a second multi-player game at Steiner's on 29th but what to play ??????

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