Friday, January 08, 2021

Combat Commander - solo session

Had a short solo (just for a change) bash with Combat Commander today.

Felt I needed a quick outing to keep my hand in (as we say locally) as seems ages since I played this excellent game face to face (not since early March last year !) and several months since I played via Vassal either.

Set up the second original scenario 'Bloody Bocage' with Yanks facing Krauts in

Whilst not idly suited to solo play this is still a great experience and thankfully the rules are still lodged firmly in the old grey(ing) matter.

The rules overall by the late Chad Jensen are still for me one of the most well written sets I have ever encountered

Just such a fun game system and despite its apparently endless randomness it still has the feel of a proper plausible simulation of low level tactical action, just so much narrative is generated by the card play system and not a dice in sight.

Must give the Great War version another run out.

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