Friday, May 26, 2023

O Group - Cristot scenario

Had another outing for O Group with Stephen using the scenario included in rules, Cristot.

I commanded British and Stephen the Germans.

We failed to finish but again both enjoyed the rules felling they are a nice balance of complexity and period flavour, offering more depth than something like Rapid Fire but of course at cost in complexity and playing time.

A nice fit for our 15mm kit.

Some bits are still tad opaque (mainly in relation to terrain and LOS) to us but nothing unsolvable.

View of table prior to start from British right

All the action was concentrated on British right around a farm

Whereas it was quiet on British left as I did not push forward in this half of field

Pak40 ambushed from hill top killing a Sherman and a Firefly despite being subject to lots of HE direct and indirect

Overview from active flank where my reserve company later arrived


  1. Replies
    1. Lots of terrain in Normandy which makes up for lack of actual toys in view in WW2 games :-)

  2. nice setting for an O Group game. There are some aspects of the system that I really like, such as the spotting mechanic, but these days, I am drawing less satisfaction from games that do not properly conclude within the available game time.

    1. Hi Norm, we have grown to like O Group more than we did initially. Its single Bttn a side we found bit limiting (as in cant really go smaller or larger) but it suits table and game size very well in practice doing 'what it says on the tin'.
      Agree that quicker playing/lighter systems have their obvious attractions but sometimes these can be unsatisfying as a regular diet, eg whilst I really like the speed/playability of Rapid Fire it lacks depth of O Group or other sets. Some such sets can leave you feeling hungry for more afterwards a bit like a McDonalds Burger.
      This is one key of reasons why I like PK/FOB systems so much as its just a nice balance of playability and depth for my sensibilities.
      Also be aware that our inability to complete a game is not necessarily the fault of rules as we tend to waffle incessantly :-)

    2. Norm, by the way I seem unable to post comments on your Blog of late, maybe others are similarly effected ? or maybe you have just blocked me :-)

  3. thanks Gary, mine and some other blogs seem to randomly get a comment publishing problem, which shows an error, I don’t know why, but if you make 4 attempts ….. it goes through on the 4th attempt. Tedious but for whatever reason works :-)