Saturday, June 10, 2023

A bit of board wargaming for a change

With no game scheduled this week I decided to give a couple of board wargames a solo run out as its been awhile since any of my copious cardboard warriors have seen the light of day.

First up I tried venerable 'Thunder At Cassino' an area movement style game from Avalon Hill (RIP), which I enjoyed despite not being really that solo friendly. 

I had forgotten how tough it is for Allies to get through the town to VP areas especially their tanks (so much rubble) or indeed how the Germans must cover slopes of Monastery massif once deluge of Allied reserves arrive on turn 2. 

The small counters and fonts a tad retro but such a nice board and system. 

Am sure it must be 20 years plus since I had this on a table !!

Then it was the ever fun 'Fire In The Lake' from GMT's COIN series, a system and game style which I do enjoy immensely. 

Forgot how completely immersive this game can be (time simply flew by) and still love the myriad amount of decisions one has to make on each card and the topsy turvy nature of faction actions trying to 'catch the leader'. 

Lots of historical (and not so strictly historical) events enacted and cant help whistling Ride of the Valkyries from time to time.

VC have been very close to victory a couple of times but ARVN creeping close at present (am in last 'campaign' phase of full scenario and its going to be close). 

No problems with fonts or counter sizes in this one although some areas quite crowded with pawns at times especially when NVA crank up troops levels.


  1. Cassino - oldie but goodie. I have never been jeen on maps within maps, but TaC does it well.

    1. The rectangular and minor nature of the enlarged town section works well as does the surrounding zones.

  2. Nice look at the games appeal.

    1. A different appeal to miniatures to be sure but board wargames have an appeal of their own :-)