Thursday, September 02, 2010

Avars on parade

Dbmm league game scheduled for tomorrow night with my Avars to get another outing, as I do like them despite being a tad blunted in Dbmm V2, all these figures are some 20+ years old and have seen a lot of action in their day ! (rulesets come and go but they keep on keeping on).
Slight change to OOB with 18 AxI instead of 12 AxO to boost a command by couple of ME.
No idea what army Seamus is fielding (am sure there is somewhere I could check !).
Put some extra flock on bases (not visible in poor iPhone pics) and hopefully tomorrow morning I may get to re-do spears/lances/bows and suchlike in paler/brighter colour to pretty them up a bit.

The huge and mighty 'host'..................

Regular skirmishers

The Slavs subjects with some '7th Edition' axemen pressed back into service

Sub-general and Nobles

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