Saturday, September 04, 2010

Dbmm League game Avar vs Khazar

Played (last ?) league game with Seamus using my dolled up Avars against his Khazars (versione Regular). Essentially open steppe (4 GHs and 1 BF) and two Regular armies would one thinks lead to a game of high manvouvre but basically we simply had at one another. Down to dice rolls in the end (for once the combats ones were fairly even) but at critical time I managed a mere 6 Pips on 3 dice (Seamus was only rolling 2 Cmd dice at this stage !!) and could not shore up a creaky flank. Avars succumbed 8-17 after breaking 2 smallest enemy commands but losing their two biggest commands. Good stuff. Pics not great as I seemed to be suffering from shaky hand syndrome !

Initial deployments

Avar right flank

Slav subjects in rough ground

Khazar Turk ally (initially unreliable)

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