Saturday, September 25, 2010

FOG R first trial

Had a try out of the FOGr rules on Friday using my Thirty Years War German Catholic versus Stephens Sewdish both roughly circa 1631. Overall a rather pleasent experience as we felt there were nice differences between the various Tercios (I used 2 Early and 1 Late versions) and the Swedish Pike & Shot Brigades. Artillery was decent but not overpowered. Pistol Currassier seem a bit tame (at least compared to DBR PiS equivalents). Musketry was fine and Commanded Shot (when used within a group/Division of Cavalier types) are very good and tough to take on. New Divisional group movement was fine and we both liked the new deployment rules which force Heavy Infantry into centre and Mounted mainly to wings. No drilled or undrilled differentiations now. We were a bit slow having to check stuff in rules (still all over the show as per FOG Ancients) and especially looking for stuff that isn't there such as dicing to prevent shock charging. Break-offs now voluntary. Shooting hits more dangerous as Death Rolls from shooting don't get any plus modifiers against firearms. No doubt we got things wrong but we certainly liked the game. Biggest bug bear is the terrain generation system which is just arbitrary as it is in Ancients set. One new terrain type is Obstructions which allow section of hedging or walls to be chosen. Looking forward to having another go.

Imperial Tercios (2 Early Tercios and a Later Tercio to the right)

Imperial left with Kurrassier and Medium guns

Swedish Cavaliers with Commanded Shot and Finns (on the far left)

Swedish deployment (Swedish Brigades in centre)

Imperial deployment
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