Monday, September 27, 2010

FOG solo

Having enjoyed FOG on Saturday I thought I would try another solo test with the rules using Gallic versus Mid Republican Roman 800pts armies. Noted a few things I got wrong on Saturday (mostly minor). With bigger game on 6' x 4' table FOG has a very linear look (no depth/reserves compared to Dbmm) as besides a few support units its hard to keep second line as Routing into and bursting through is a potential problem and of course being out flanked. Not that solo is great way to try out tactics as such. Rules are pretty tight despite being all over the show in book. Once you find a rule its fairly straight forward to utilise and understand (cannot always say that with Dbmm even in version 2). Lots of dice rolling (not necessarily a bad thing of itself) and I still miss the inertia of DBX Pip system and stuff like weather. Generals feel more like unit leaders rather than in command of wings or battles. Terrain placement defies any plan unlike Dbmm (hard to strike a balance between too much and too little terrain I fear). I would however happily play the system for friendlies against those who dislike Dbmm. Enjoyable enough but not as satisfying as Dbmm (more a light lunch than full dinner). Strangely I found FogR a better proposition.

Legions and Warbands clash

Chariots take on Spanish Scutarii (first blood went to chariots who killed a base at impact but then lost melee and their general and failed 3 tests to Rout !)

Support line of Warband (one of whom was burst through and Disrupted then hit by pursuing Legions and Routed)

Gauls did have some success Fragmenting a Legion and indeed Routing a Superior Legion with Gaestati. Roman allied cavalry visible Routing top left after thumping by another Chariot unit.

Hugely ineffective Gallic LF bows (not a single Cohesion test caused on Extraordinarii despite several volleys)

Taking the 'long view'
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