Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newly painted figures (its been a while..........)

After a long hiatus (close to a year) I have gotten the painting bug again and have over last couple of weeks painted up a few figures. Strictly wargaming 'standard' as my skills are not that great but the wee blokes look great en mass rather than in posing mode.
Hoping to get through a ton of unpainted lead I have accumulated in last two visits to Warfare show (planning another jaunt this November) not to mention the further tonnage hidden away for years (I have some 6mm ACW I bought for 1st edition Johnny Reb some 20 years ago still languishing in a box !!). 15-20 figures at a time of varied types seems to be keeping me interested. Gone I think are the days of painting a whole army in one long batch. As can be seen in photo below I still use Humbrol enamels primarily but do have a few acrylics. Purchased my first Vallejo acrylics and these I really like. I don't, and never have, used any sort of primer/undercoat (burn the heretic) and find the Vallejo are mostly capable of covering bare metal.

Dismounted Knights
Foot knights again

Eight bases of Dailami for my Sassanids (iAxS or rBdF)

Dailami again

Two extra cannon for FOGRen 30 Years War German Catholic

Two extra bases of Dragoons

Four bases of Commanded Shot (4 to a base rather than my normal 3)

Currently in production Tibetan cataphracts
I have way too many projects ongoing !! if only im my head

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