Monday, September 20, 2010

Storm Of Steel gameplay first impressions

Played first two scenarios (again oops I mean Firefights) tonight with my Dad having read through first two rule sections. Rather impressed that we managed to play (the albeit small and managable) first couple of firefights. The rules are fairly straightforward especially the mechanisms of Actions, Firing, Moving with the counters and QRS containing all relevant info. Several checks in rules that we were doing this correctly but nothing drastically wrong. The straightforward mechanics are somewhat deceiving though as regards playing the game well and effectively. The interaction of Action Points, Command Action Points and Card Play combined with the myriad added interactions of Multiple Activations, Group Actions, Group Opportunity Fire leads to a deeper set of tactical possibilities than first meets the eye. Not that our tactics were in any way stunning as we tried out a few things just to see how they went. One big lesson was that stacking units in a single hex (no limit in game) is potentially very dangerous !! In Firefight 2 my Dad had a stack of 2 PzGrenadier squads which he group activated and moved into a wood hex out of enemy LOS but which were then Spent, however an Ivan Inf squad activated and with a nice 'Move 2 hexes Free' card was able to sneak into the woods behind and adjacent to the Hun stack and then proceed to decimate them with a +3 firepower bonus (for adjacent) and the fact that each unit in a stack is attacked with separate rolls. My Dad had no Action Cards or Cmd Action Points left to thwart this (we were unaware of the presence or effect of the +2 extra hex move card). We both felt this was a very nice game system that was easy to learn but would take a bit of mastering. Of course lots of options and kit still to learn and experience but initial impression very favourable.

Original game 'Awakening The Bear' purchased via Board Game Geek marketplace on foot of this (HMV will kill me if ie when she finds out !!)  

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