Saturday, September 18, 2010

A thing of rare beauty

Conflict Of Heroes: Storm Of Steel arrived today and after opening the weighty package I was very pleasantly surprised by the sheer quality of the game components they are simply beautiful (especially for a WWII game) in particular the boards and counters (if only Squad Leader looked like this !!). The counters in particular have a lovely heft with excellent tactile feel and are about 1" square and nice and thick (bit like myself). Brief read of slim and colourful rule booklet and it seems an elegant and playable system and nice to see some solo play rules included for several scenarios (sorry firefights). I think I am going to enjoy this. So impressed I am for ordering its pre-cursor Awakening The Bear

Couple pics of game on my table.

Firefight booklet and an Action Card

Initial firefight set-up

Close up of a Panzer Grenadier Squad counter

Some Ivan counters

The colourful rule booklet
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