Saturday, October 02, 2010

Conflict Of Heroes: Storms of Steel! Kursk 1943

Played another couple of scenarios (sorry I cant call em Firefights !) last night with my Dad. Ivans crushed Huns in FF8 Black Knights of the Steppe with the hidden KV1s doing sterling service (taking out Tiger) great fun. Nice to see one of my favourite tanks the Churchill in action too. Second scenario we played was FF14 Luchki (part 2) now this one was a bit disappointing (despite use of Panthers for first time) due to the rules regarding anti-tank guns. ATGs count as armoured targets when fired on frontally (due to gun shield) and as soft targets from flanks, which is fine when engaged by Infantry small arms (as they use their lower Blue anti-tank firepower) but when engaged by Panzers this is a tad farcical as a hit almost certain and usually two hits (therefore destroyed). ATGs have frontal defence of 13 but Tigers & Panthers have strikes of 12 & 13 respectively (PzIII has a 9) meaning a guaranteed hit even if ATG is in terrain, and with average rolls a destruction is likely. Strangely the ATG is safer if fired on from flank as Panzers use red FP (usually 5) against a red defence of 10 !! This meant the ATGs (whose own AT firepower is low) where literally sitting ducks (no hidden set-up in scenario) yielding an easy 7 victory points. I actually man-handled a couple backwards into woods out of line of sight (means no LOS from them either of course). First real problem we have encountered with game. Pity but a house-rule will fix. Good fun otherwise trying to swamp big cats with T34s and KV1s.

Luchki with only 3 ATGs left (out of original 7)
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