Thursday, October 07, 2010

DBMM Hsiung Nu vs Han

Dbmm 400 pts played today using Hsiung Nu (LhF version) against Stephen's Han (this time with Chariots). I delayed one Command (but bugger came on first turn) and out- flanked with Kang Chu ally (arrived but too late). I had great Pips bar one turn but combat dice for shooting and melee where too awful to relate (it would only give you the reader nightmares never mind what it did to me !!). Han are very manoeuvrable and tough to flank and as ever the Hsiung Nu lack punch. Several LhF died due to F factor when shot at by Han bowmen. Interesting change from the LhS version I used before. Am undecided which I prefer versus Infantry heavy armies (S good vs mounted) as there were times I lamented being F others was glad not to be S (mainly not being forced to pursue). Good to get back to proper big battle rule set even if it was yet another drubbing.

iPhone pics again (I seem to have a mental block about remembering to bring camera)

 Han Chariots hiding behind AxS

Han Cavalry line GH

Han infantry in SF

Delayed (ha !) Cmd arrives on turn 1 !!!

Overview of compact Han deployment
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