Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DBMM Turgesh vs T'Ang

Played Dbmm tonight at Stephen's using Turgesh version of Central Asian Turkish with brilliant general Su Lu against T'Ang Chinese with BwX. A really excellent game that went down to wire (I lost again of course !). Strong winds blowing into Chinese faces helped as it reduced bow range and artillery effect. I used my Tibetans as allied command for first time and they done quite well. I used flank attack with a command of 6 LhS plus a LhS general, which unfortunately arrived on turn 2 before my advancing wing could get to grips with enemy. They caused T'Ang some problems but were overwhelmed. A fair old slog (as Barker intended) across battlefield ensued with T'Ang eventually getting the better of exchanges. A very enjoyable game.
iPhone pics again as mental block re camera continues !!

Flank march arrives before Cavalry wing gets into action

T'Ang BwX and ArtO

Right wing LhS split up by Artillery fire...grrrrr

Tibetans approach the T'Ang centre

Overview of second turn

Turgesh right vs T'Ang left

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