Saturday, October 02, 2010

FOG R second tryout

Played another FOGR game today at Stephens using a Later Thirty Years War German army (15 units) vs his 1631 Swedes (13 units). Later Imperialists had 5 Pike & Shot Regts (no Tercios) each 2 Pike and 4 Shot (with one being Superior Veterans the rest Average). Not nearly as effective as Tercio types as losses due to Death Rolls from 4 Medium Artillery was enough to auto-break 2 units and Swedish Brigades munch them in Impact/Melee combats.  But another fun game with more rules learnt. We really need to follow the Sequence Of Play strictly whilst learning as several times we made things complicated for ourselves by not adhering to it. Good stuff again we both like the rules for our Renaissance encounters.

Overview of deployments

Imperial Horse 'Division' massed on right

Veteran Imperial foot (with attached Gun) and some tat !

Veteran Swedish Brigades in centre

Swedish Dragoons and Artillery with Average Brigades behind

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