Friday, October 15, 2010

FOG R TYW Imperialist vs TYW French

Played game of FOGR today using Early Imperialist Catholic versus Stephen's French. A great game with plenty of excitement and slaughter (mostly of my lot of course !). We have most of the basics of the rules in our heads now only having to look up new or unusual situations. Couple of things learnt today, Artillery needs support or it can be easily captured, unlike Fog Ancients a unit is supported if another unit is only partially behind it and can be of one morale grade less. My death rolls early in game where awful resulting in a couple of units being shot into auto-break or weakened. French pike & shot units are interesting having slightly reduced firepower but impact foot ability.
A very enjoyable game overall.

Imperialist deployment

French deployment

Currassier engage enemy Horse

French right

Imperialist right

French artillery

Reiters advance to their doom

Tercio's plod forward

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