Thursday, October 07, 2010

Lasalle rules........projects.........a quandry.................

Lasalle rules ordered despite not having a single Napoleonic figure ! Gave them a brief scan through several months ago at Stephens and thought they looked like a good set of wargame rules. Stephen has played couple of games with them and seems taken with them so am further intrigued........................

However this puts me in a true wargamers dilemma ie what project do I take on as way too many options going through my tiny mind !!

With another trip to Warfare show confirmed (ie paid for) in November I want to buy/look at figures for:-

1. Prussian Napoleonic 15mm. Large number of figures required for Lasalle ?
2. Teutonic Knight army for Dbmm (I have been researching this since having playtest with them) ?
3.  Russian 10mm Barborassa period WWII army for Blitzkrieg Commander II or similar. Possibly a 6mm project instead ?
4. 16th Century Rennaisance army for DBR/FOGR ?
5. 6mm 1980's BAOR army for Modern Spearhead or Cold War Commander ?
6. Great Northern War Swedish in 10mm (Stephen keen on this)

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