Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Thirty Years War Imperialists on parade

Another couple of units finished for my Imperialist/Catholic League FOGR/DBR army so thought it was time to have a parade (inspired by pics on excellent Tagmata Dbmm site - see links).
Figures 15mm mix of Essex and Minifigs. Arrayed in FOGR units (click for larger pic). Used Army Painter 'Tufts' of three varieties (like these) and some stones from garden as base decoration with some very old granulated flock (no idea of maker). Have a bunch of foot to paint to allow another Large Tercio and a few Reiters to allow a third unit or 6 bases in two units but army good to go as is.

Overview of army

Late Tercio (3 Pike 3 Shot)

'Footprint' of Early Tercio (6 Pike 6 Shot)

Another Early Tercio

The sharp end

Light or Regimental guns

Currassier (Heavy Armour & Pistols)


Bandolier Reiters in FogR terminology behind unit of Muskets

Medium Guns


Generals (Minifig Tilly figure on left and Pappenheim on right)

Strange army choice for an Ulster 'Prod' !!

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