Friday, April 27, 2012

The Napoleonic Wars (1st Edition) GMT

This arrived today after an EBay purchase. Quite cheap and appears to be nearly new (despite being 1st Edition version). I like the map (paper) and the components are of usual GMT standard (ie very good).
Game has a lot of cards (155+) with lots of period flavour but possibly not as dominant as in Age Of Napoleon.
Playable with 2-5 players so as most likely I will play solo it will be a real test of my multiple personalty abilities !!
Game takes up a lot of space around the map itself with National cards (displays in 2nd edt I think) and chits but biggest drawback has to be the rule book. Seems fairly complete but boy is it poorly laid out making it hard to assimilate and garner a sense of the flow/actions of the game. Thankfully there is a second booklet which doubles as a set of designers notes and extended play example. The example is essential reading as it shows the systems on action. Looking forward to have a solo bash at this as either a 2 player or 5 player set-up.


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