Saturday, April 21, 2012

No Peace Without Spain 1703 completed

Another year completed in my Vassal game with Norman. I had much better action card draw this time ( 2 x 3 3 x 2 Actions). I had fairly favourable (and some might say deserved) events occur at start of year with my being able to remove one French leader namely Vendomme (put onto turn track for 1704) and Bank Of England card giving me an extra Resource point each turn. Main Campaign actions for year were a renewed Allied siege at Cadiz and at Cologne. Both however held out to end of year before falling to Allies. Cologne had no extra Garrison but still held out, I wish there was a pillage/no quarter rule !! The garrison at Cadiz was given Honours of War, but its fall will allow me to try to bring in Hapsburg Spainiards next year. Lots of reallocation of resources by us both and minor re-deployments throughout year. French fannied about with marching and counter-marching in Northern Italy and were duly intercepted by Eugene who gave them a damn good thrashing despite their slightly superior strength (8 vs 7) but sadly no Famous Victory. Marlborough inactive this year (am pretty sure this is not optimal use) really just facing down nearby cowering French armies whilst Cologne was secured to his rear. So Spainish front opened at last, Eugene holds fast in Italy and minor consolidation in Flanders. Portugal due to join Allied cause next year so hopefully I can develop Campaign here. Need to take some risks with the Duke methinks.
1704 has just begun................................

Flanders at start of 1704 (note new event card just played which reduced 2 Bourbon Corps in Spain)

Portugal part of one true cause and Cadiz invested 

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