Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Peace Without Spain - Vassal game end of 1702

Just completed last turn of the opening 1702 Campaign year with Norman. After earlier report events saw Marlborough successfully take the fortress at Liege (freeing its citizens from the tyranny of the Sun King). However the duplicitous and unworthy Elector of Bavaria has taken Ulm, whilst in Italy Vendomme captured neutral Parma before crawling back into Cremona. Eugene was tempted to intercept this move (as being Demoralized after losing earlier battle the French hit at a -1) but declined as he must consider the Electors action behind his back. Bourbons rebuilt several Corps. Allies at Cadiz conducted an all or nothing siege narrowly failing (needed a 6 to generate 2 hits required but rolled a 5!!) and sailed back to London licking their wounds.
Spainish Loyalty still firmly with their Bourbon puppet masters and Winter Quarters Phase will see the 2VP gained for taking Liege negated by Bourbon control of Mediterranean.

Very enjoyable playing via Vassal (nice leisurely pace) just needs a bit of adjustment to using interface. French had decent action cards (couple of 3s) whereas Allies had to struggle with a 2 & three 1s not a optimum deal for important opening year. Had I have had a another action I would have risked Eugene on an intercept at Cremona but that would have meant no chance to take Cadiz. Of course knowing my lowly action count I was rather overstretching to think Cadiz would fall in one attempt.

Now 1703 looms with sizeable French reinforcements inbound. An event card each will also be drawn which will be interesting.

Managed a couple of screenshots.

Overall situation at end of 1702 (2 Vps still to be deducted on VP track)

Flanders with The Duke in Liege and bloodied invasion force back in London

Northern Italy and Southern Germany
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