Friday, April 13, 2012

No Peace Without Spain - Vassal game

Just started a Vassal game (my first) via Pbem with an ex-pat Ulster chap (Norman) living in England who has a nice blog at
He has chosen the dread Bourbons and I the Glorious Alliance.
Getting my head around 'logfiles' etc and learning flow/sequencing of game in Vassal but seems pretty straightforward (despite my re-loading an older file by mistake once !) and NPWS seems very compatible with it.
'Standard' opening with Bourbons going first occupying Madrid and transferring some Corps plus a dastardly attack in Italy on the force of Eugene at Magua.
This was a draw (2 hits each) which caused French to fall back demoralized (defender wins draws).
Marlborough has meantime besieged Liege (after French failed to intercept and then withdrew leaving a Garrison) suffering a hit but reducing fort to 0 initially.
Leader in London has taken his 2 Corps by sea to lay siege to Cadiz without losses on sea voyage.
Still a good deal of first year 1702 to play.

Very interesting to play someone 'live' as it were.

I will likely do a post/AAR at end of each year rather than bits and pieces like this and will try to post some screen shots once I work out how :-)
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