Saturday, April 28, 2012

White Star Rising another scenario played

Another go with this game at my Fathers tonight with scenario West Of Paderborn (which enticed us both as armour only and my Dad was stationed there in 70's with BAOR and I lived there throughout 1972 !). Another fun game with Artillery Barrages and Smoke new additions we had not tried before. Nasty one this for Germans as despite having 3 Tigers a JagdPzV and a Wirbelwind, they have a tough task stemming the flow of a US combat group without losing too many units themselves (Lost Hun =2 VP lost US = 1VP same if either side can exit units via opposite board edges). Tactical mistake by Germans (ie too far advanced and aggressive) saw them pounded by artillery and blinded by smoke whilst Yanks sneakily flanked them to exit several units. Biggest asset for US (and pain in the proverbial for Krauts) was the P47 that appeared in chit pull from turn 5. It managed to remain on patrol until the end destroying 2 Panzer units and Disrupting 2 others despite the attentions of the Wirbelwind.

Nazi armour advances prematurely

Yanks hiding 

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