Saturday, May 12, 2012

Maurice play test set-up

Set up a game of Maurice (got to keep thinking More-eeice not Morris !) using my WSS 10mm stuff for a solo try out.
Game planned for Thursday against Stephen using either this with our SYW or else a WWII bash with IABSM3.
Used the Army builder to generate 2 x 100pt armies of French and Austrians.
Austrians are defending with a Great Captain Card (Eugene) with 14 units.
French have 16 units with Maison Du Roi and a la Baionette cards.
Terrain card draw was Plains.
Austrians have 1 Elite Cavalry the rest Trained the French 1 Elite Cavalry and 1 Elite Infantry with 2 Conscript Infantry the remainder Trained.
Units deployed and hopefully will get some action post food intake.

Overview of deployments



French 'hand' of 8 cards for attacking

Austrian 'hand' with 2 extra cards for having Great Captain

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